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Rent West Bank Apartments
Application Procedures - As easy as one, two, three!
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Fill in the form and bring it on M-F, 8-5 or mail it to

Phoenix Properties

1801 Carol Sue Avenue

P.O. Box 1330

Gretna, LA

along with the documents needed to meet  the qualifications.

The application will be considered  complete when all documents  and the required security deposit have been received .


1. All adults 18 years of age or older must submit a separate rental application and all necessary documents and sign the lease, if approved to live in the unit.

2. All adults 18 years or older living in the unit must either be employed full-time, be full-time students, or be part-time students with part-time jobs which together equal a full-time week. (Individuals covered under Aw/DA, ABD, or Retired are exempt from the qualification to be employed.) 

3. All children of school age must be attending school full-time.  If a 16, 17, or 18 year old is not enrolled full-time, (s)he must submit proof of full-time employment or part-time employment along with part-time schooling which equals a full-time week.  

4. All potential residents who have a driver's license must submit a copy of their current Driver's License.  All adults 18 years old or older who do not drive must submit a Louisiana I.D. card.  All students must submit a copy of their school I.D.

5. Verified income must be three times the rent or the portion of the rent the tenant is responsible for paying under a voucher program, if applicable.

6. All working applicants must submit a copy of check stubs or records of bank deposits substantiating income.

7. Applicants receiving additional income that they wish to use to meet rental qualifications must submit copies of award letters (Ex. retirement, disability, or pensions).

8. All potential residents 17 years or age or older must obtain and submit police background checks as follows:
   JEFFERSON - Sheriff's Office - 
                        1233 Westbank Expressway
   ORLEANS - New Orleans Police Department

9. Applicants must have a good rental history that can be verified.

10. Applicants must have a good credit history that can be verified.